Shenzhen Convention& Exhibition Center September 12-15, 2019
Date: 2015 - 09 - 12
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Exhibitor Guidelines of Art Shenzhen 2019

1.Time & Venue

12th -15th Sep, 2019 (Thursday – Sunday),Shenzhen Convention& Exhibition Center

2.Exhibiting requirements for galleries and art institutions

A.The exhibitor should have a fixed place of business, with a Certificate of Registration (Business License) registered for at least three years.

3.Deadline of registration
 June 20th , 2019 Overdue submission would not be accepted

4. Exhibitor qualification

A. The applicant shall ensure that the application materials and information are real, accurate and complete; the applicant become exhibitor of Art Shenzhen 2019after being approved and confirmed by the organizer.

B.If the exhibitor provides false information during the application process or exhibit fake works in the exhibition, the organizer reserves the right to require exhibitors to rectify it, or withdraw the exhibition qualification. The booth fee prepaid is non-refundable.

5. Booth confirmation

A.The Organizer arranges exhibitors’ booths according to the theme and the overall layout of the exhibition. Exhibitors’ booth intention filled in the application form is for reference only. If necessary, the organizer reserves the right to adjust the booths and make final decisions. The exhibitor will be notified promptly after the adjustment.

B.If disagreement occurs on the arrangement of the booth by the organizer, the exhibitor should apply for adjusting the booth and elaborate on the reasons for adjustment to the organizer after receiving Notice of Booth Confirmation. Overdue booth adjustment applications are recognized as accepting the booth arrangement of the organizer.
C.Booth fee shall be paid according to the 6th part of Exhibitor Guideline, if the exhibitors accept the organizer’s booth arrangement

6.Booth price and terms of payment

A.The exhibitor should pay off the booth fees in one time within 7 days once the exhibition qualification is acknowledged and Notice of Booth Confirmation is received. Any delayed payment is regarded as in violation of the contract and the booked booth will not be retained.
B.Once acknowledging the booths, if the exhibitor cannot exhibit for personal reasons, the booth fee paid will not be refunded.
C.Once adjustment of booths occurs after the acknowledgement of booths, the exhibitor will make extra payment or get partial refund in accordance with the final booth arrangement.

7. Regulations on booth and facility management

A. The exhibitor will possess the right of utilizing the booth(s) only after making full payment for the booth(s) in accordance with the provisions of this Guidelines.
B.It is strictly forbidden to transfer or sublease (re-rent) the booth(s) to another person after Confirming exhibition. Violation of this provision is deemed in violation of the contract. The organizer reserves the right to withdraw the exhibition qualification. And the paid booth fee is non-refundable.
C. The exhibitor should not exhibit works not applied for or passing the review of ICIF, and must ensure that the works on display are genuine and original. If violating the regulation, the organizer will require rectification or even cancel its exhibition qualification, and the payment for exhibition is non-refundable.

8.Measures of guaranteeing originality

The exhibitor is held accountable for the genuineness and originality of all the exhibits and promotional items. Before the end of the move-in period, the organizer will perform a final review on the exhibited works, and reserve the right to withdraw any unqualified exhibits. The exhibitor shall be held fully accountable for the all the negative consequences brought to the organizer and the third-parties arising from the IPR infringement.

9. Security measures and insurance

A. he exhibition hall is equipped with 24-hour security management, all-inclusive wired televisions, monitoring cameras and other security facilities.
B.For the security of the exhibits, during the move-in period, exhibits could only enter the exhibition hall, exit procedures not permitted. During the exhibition and move-out and period, any person who would take exhibits out of the hall could only leave with a credential stamped with the seal of the Organizer.
C.During the exhibition period, exhibitors are held accountable for the safety of the exhibits. Additional art works cannot enter the Hall without the permission of the Organizer. In the closing time, the exhibits will be taken care of by the security guards of the hall around the clock.
D.Exhibitors shall comply with Regulations on Fire-safety Management in Exhibition Halls. If losses occur caused by violating the Regulations, the exhibitor should make compensation according to relevant circumstances and regulations.

10. The force of the law

Exhibitors who submit the Exhibitor Application to the organizer shall be deemed to have accepted the constraints of the present guidelines. The application form (fax or copy) are legally binding on the Executive Committee and the exhibitors.All disputes in connection with the execution of this Contract shall besettled friendly through negotiation. In case no settlement can be reached, the case then may be submitted for arbitration to Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court, China.

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