Shenzhen Convention& Exhibition Center September 12-15, 2019
Date: 2015 - 09 - 12
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Gallery Exhibition Area

In accordance with international professional exposition standard, the art committee adheres to a rigorous and just selection mechanism. Galleries submitted to the main gallery exhibition area are strictly screened (art galleries that have participated in major international contemporary art fairs are preferred). We will strive for a more diversified gallery style building on the achievement last year.


Public Project Exhibition Area

The public project section, conducted this year in combination with application and invitation, will be organized by the gallery, artist or relevant organization selected finally for the project, and Art Shenzhen would provide facilities and space for it. The public art section, as an important part of the fair, provides different opportunities for artists, so that they can get rid of the traditional and spatial limitations of art gallery, and the general public can also experience in a new way and feel the most direct expression of art from the artist’s perspective.

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