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"Art shenzhen 2018 " is coming

Date: 2018-04-11
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The prospering spring season is around the corner, so is the annual Art Shenzhen.

Application for Art Shenzhen 2018 Now Available

Art Shenzhen 2018 held a press conference several days ago to strike up a heated atmosphere for the upcoming event in September this year. As the reporter learned from the press conference, Art Shenzhen 2018 will be held at Pavilion 6 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center for four days from September 14 to 17. The VIP preview is scheduled on September 14, and after that it would be opened to the public, and a number of artistic activities will be conducted. 

Art Shenzhen 2018 is sponsored by China (Shenzhen) ICIF Organizing Committee and Shenzhen Newspaper Group, organized by Shenzhen ICIF Fair Co., Ltd, Art Shenzhen Organizing Committee, and assisted by Shenzhen Guozhibao Culture Investment Co., Ltd and Shenzhen Art Club. At present, all works have been fully started and strict selection criteria and application procedures have been worked out. Gallery and public project application would be available from April 1 to May 20, and final list will be published on June 30.

The press conference was full of guests, top-class galleries, senior collectors, famous artists and media. Zhang Hongyi, head of Shenzhen Art Club, Long Haijun, co-founder of Shenzhen Barn Contemporary Artistic Space, Xu Xin, Manager of Shenzhen Guozhibao Cultural Investment Co., Ltd., renowned artists Liang Quan, Xue Feng, Zhou Li and Huang Jia, Cai Lixin, senior director of Houseworth Gallery, Zheng Nianti, head of Kerlin Gallery China, and lots of other celebrities attended the press conference to power up for Art Shenzhen.

Art Shenzhen is the key project of China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Fair (ICIF) 1+N. With successful transformation in 2015, development and perfection throughout 2016 and 2017, Art Shenzhen has entered into the forefront of the domestic brand contemporary art fairs. In Shenzhen, where contemporary art resources are relatively scarce, it is not easy for the ICIF to achieve what it is today. In 2018, we will adhere to the correct artistic orientation and deliver positive artistic energy. We strive for an Art Shenzhen with ever-progressing professionalism, attitude, quality and service.” 

Ye Jianqiang, member of the Managing Committee of Shenzhen Newspaper Group, vice chairman and general manager of Shenzhen ICIF Fair Co., Ltd., and secretary general of the Art Shenzhen Organizing Committee, said that the contracting team will learn from previous experience, organize the ideas, and strive to set up a new image, advocate major melody and interpret positive values in the new era; obtain a global vision and strive for better quality and service. We shall insist on the exhibiting philosophy that features openness, cooperation, quality, professionalism and pragmatism, so as to make Art Shenzhen a better, more competitive, more influential art market platform that better agrees with contemporary art quality, city development and art ecology.

Ms. Zheng Nianti, head of the internationally renowned Kerlin Gallery China, introduced the situation of the gallery and said that Chinese art market has developed rapidly. Especially contemporary art of Shenzhen has obtained surprising achievements in recent years. She yearned for the opportunity to cooperate with Art Shenzhen.

Xu Xin, managing director of Shenzhen Guozhibao Cultural Investment Co., Ltd, said that Art Shenzhen is becoming increasingly influential, and it has become a brilliant cultural signature of Shenzhen and plays a vital role in the art market of Shenzhen, or rather, of the Pearl River Delta region. Xue Feng, a well-known artist, has been active in Shenzhen in recent years. He believes that Shenzhen, as an international and modern metropolis, is determined to innovate, and Art Shenzhen is outstanding in the field of art, representing a flourishing art ecology.

After that the professional staff of the Art Shenzhen Organizing Committee presented to the guests the sections and new highlights of Art Shenzhen 2018. According to the new concept of "Global Vision, quality Future", Art Shenzhen 2018 will adhere to the "excellent and New" International Contemporary Art Fair on the basis of "fine and excellent”. The main pavilion is mainly organized around the invitation of top galleries at home and abroad, the introduction of public art projects, on-site VIP night, contemporary themed art exhibitions and live activities. In addition, there will be more art activities outside the venue. Art Shenzhen has been the greatest artistic event of Shenzhen in September.

There will be outstanding improvement in the quantity and quality of exhibitors in the main exhibition pavilion this year. The number of galleries in the main exhibition pavilion will be controlled at around 60 this year. In addition, Art Shenzhen 2018 is full of new ideas and represents a new era, new features, new breakthroughs and new vitality. A special curatorial exhibition, Art Nouveau that is dedicated to new galleries or talented new artists and the “art derivative space" would be scheduled for the first time.

It is noteworthy that in the aspect of collector development, Art Shenzhen 2018 will actively explore the policy of "Art Shenzhen" Development Council and provide best VIP service. In addition, there will be additional ticket pre-sale service, and volunteer recruitment to improve service quality.

Li Dan, deputy general manager of Shenzhen ICIF Co., Ltd., read out relevant reports. Dong Gang, Deputy General Manager, Deputy Secretary General and Executive Director of Art Shenzhen Organizing Committee, presided over the press conference.

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