Shenzhen Convention& Exhibition Center September 12-15, 2019

Publicity Advantages

01.Mass Media

In strong support of the subordinates of the organizer ICIF Company’s powerful shareholders in media (Shenzhen Press Group, Shenzhen Media Group and Shenzhen Publishing & Distribution Group) such as Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, Shenzhen Economic Daily, Shenzhen Evening News, Daily Sunshine, Hong Kong Commercial Daily, Metro Media,, Shenzhen TV and Shenzhen Broadcasting, the mass media publicity covers various regions and fields in the Pearl-River Region, ranging from paper media, TV media to outdoor and metro advertisement.

02.Co-organizing Media

Besides the efficient integration of mass media, outdoor media, internet media and new media, Art Shenzhen 2016 has also established strategic cooperation relationship with For this artistic event,, as the first artistic portal web in China, will unite
with more than 3000 galleries in launching Shopping Guide Platform of Artron Gallery; the 1 million professional members of Artron. net will
be invited to Art Shenzhen, which will greatly expand the influence of this event; a series of follow-up reports for the exhibition and the
exhibitors will be presented in news and high-quality advertisements. It will promote Art Shenzhen in a comprehensive way in three stages including pre-exhibition media campaign, on-exhibition-site news reports and follow-up reports and media tracking, so as to expand the influence of the event, initiate hot topics and attract attentions from the industry, thus striving to achieve wide, timely and in-depth brand and
academic communications.

03Professional Media, 99 Art Media,

 Buyer Resources

The huge database of buyers accumulated by the organizer from the past 12 successful ICIF, various chambers, associations in cooperation with ICIF, VIP customers of commercial banks, and clients of media and advertisement subordinate to Shenzhen Press Group and Shenzhen Media Group will become potential collectors of Art Shenzhen.

History Review

The Organizer, ICIF Company, has successfully held 10 sessions of ICIF Art Hall (since 2006), which have gradually drawn high attention and
affirmation from the society and the artists’ group. The number of visitors of the Art Hall increased from less than 20,000 at the beginning to more than 100,000 in the 10th ICIF; and the trading volume increased rapidly and accumulatively, amounting to 500 million RMB since the establishment of the Art Hall. According to current statistics, the 1st Art Shenzhen attracted more than 40,000 visits, and 80% of the exhibitor received orders.

Special VIP Activities

More than a thousand collectors, art museum directors, art critics, famous artists, exhibition curators, celebrities and top international enterprises will be invited to Art Shenzhen 2016 to jointly participate in our VIP Preview Night(16:00-20:00 On Sep 16th and Summit to promote thecommunications among domestic and foreign art fans and professional artists. Besides the opening reception, supporting services and activities such as lectures on appreciation and collection and artistic forums will also be held during Art Shenzhen, to facilitate in-depth communications between VIPs and people from the art groups.

We will reserve the seats and expect to create a high-level art event together with you!
Media cooperation and support
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