Hall 6 ,Shenzhen Convention& Exhibition Center : September 15-18, 2017(VIP Preview,15:00-21:00 On Sep 15th)
1. Lecture on painting and calligraphy appreciation and collection
Nationally famous artists, scholars or reviewers will be invited to Art Shenzhen to give lectures on paintings and calligraphy appreciation and collection for the audience, as well as to popularize the audience the basic knowledge andguidance on traditional and contemporary art appreciation and collection.
2. Academic forum
It aims at building a high-level and in-depth exchange platform for China authorized art derivative industry leaders. Domestic and foreign pioneers including renowned derivative promotion agencies, wellknown artists, representatives in art collection and derivative design and production, art market research, cultural and creative industry management, etc. will be invited. The forum will comprehensively interpret the current status quo, problems, challenges and the future of the authorized art derivatives industry and explore the development path of China art derivatives.
3. VIP Preview
Sep 15th(15:00-21:00) is the VIP Preview , on which, the organizers of Art Shenzhen will organize VIP clients to participate in relevant artistic activities, and collection consultants will recommend excellent artistic artworks and provide guidance on artistic collection for VIPs.

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